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Geology Toolkit | Premium

Joi, 9 iunie, 2016

Geology Toolkit | Premium – a complete android application which allows geologists to examine and explore minerals and rocks features.
Geology Toolkit makes mineralogy and igneous petrology to be easier to examine a thin section and to understand the characteristic properties for each mineral/rock without a petrographic microscope, which is known to be very expensive. It is mainly addressed to geoscience students / geologists as a guide in individual or supervised laboratory work.

PREMIUM vs LITE version:
+ Ad free;
+ Premium design;
+ Search in 5125 Mineral species (mineral name, chemistry, elements, country of type locality and structural groupname);
+ Gemstones section. Informations about gemstones, jewelry and precious metals;
+ 48 crystal forms with axes and miller indices;
+ IdentifyMin (Hand-Specimen);
+ Handy Rock Identification;
+ Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks classification;
+ Swipeable gallery (touch-friendly – swipe & panzoom) with pictures of minerals and rocks thin sections under microsope;
+ Hand-specimen photographs (at high resolution) of 43 most common minerals with panzoom functionality;
+ Solubility chart;
+ Geology quotes;
+ REAL support to the development of this application!

✔ 43 most common minerals in thin section (transmited and reflected light);
✔ 18 most common igneous rocks in thin section (transmited light): alkali-feldspar granite, alkali-feldspar rhyolite, granite, rhyolite, granodiorite, tonalite, dacite, diorite, andesite, basalt, gabbro, alkali-feldspar syenite, alkali-feldspar trachyte, syenite, trachyte, foid syenite, peridotite and harzburgite;
✔ Mineral Classification of over 200 common species;
✔ Geological Time Scale feature;
✔ Glossary with terms used in optical mineralogy;
✔ Search or browse for minerals by name or by their properties in thin sections;
✔ IdentifyMin under microscope is an algorithm for a fast and accurate identification of minerals in thin sections;
✔ Browse igneous rocks which contain a classification for volcanic and plutonic rocks;
✔ Textures and microstructures of igneous rocks;
✔ Interactive QAPF diagrams (volcanic and plutonic rocks);
✔ Periodic Table of Elements;
✔ Mohs Hardness Scale;
✔ Engineering Geology section;
✔ Diagram for modal classification of gabbroic rocks;
✔ Interactive Ultramafic diagrams (Ol-Opx-Cpx & Ol-Px-Hbl);
✔ Interactive TAS diagram;
✔ Bowen’s reaction series;
✔ A clean and fast application;
✔ Supports phones and tablets.

Note: I constantly update this application with new features and photos.

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