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A short written statement (example for exchange students)

Marți, 15 iunie, 2010 (play music)

What I love about Geology is that it helps finding the truth about Earth and offers a constant feeling of discovery: looking at the simplest mineral on a molecular level is like describing a whole new world.

My interest in science, particularly in Geology, Chemistry and informational techniques applied to a wide range of problems in the field of geoscience in particular, developed in my bachelor years. These domains share a strong link, allowing people to understand Earth’s evolution and for me, to share my knowledge and practical work to others. Besides my bachelor and first year of master study interests, I dedicate my free time to Raman Spectroscopy, mineral structure, webpage development, 3D animation, video editing, scripting, geoscience software. This teached me valuable practical skills, such as the use of Raman Spectrograph, optical microscope and some software like: Jmol, Gabedit, LabSpec, GaussView, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3ds Max and some others.

My passion for Raman Spectroscopy comes from two papers published in a journal (B+ category) and a complex online database entitled: Romanian Database of Raman Spectroscopy. Outside geoscience activities I play football and tennis.

I believe that my academic ability and dedication to geosciences make me an ideal candidate to study and expand my research in some areas such as spectroscopic techniques, modelling software and to work with equipment yet unknown to me. I look forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that will be open to me as a student of Ghent University.

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