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What are my hobbies? Blogging and video editting

Duminică, 11 Mai, 2008

I consider that we should be free to choose what do we like to do with our time. I also think that passions or hobbies are very important and every person should have at least one or two hobbies. We all have some crazy passions, or want something special and always hope to do something better. Many people confuse a passion with the will to do something, but only how much time you devote yourself to something can decide whether it’s a desire or a passion. My hobbies occupy most of my time because they are more than just passions to me. I like to express my feelings through writing and also to create and edit movies in the hope that maybe one day i will become a movie director.
I like to write because I think it’s in my blood,and I like to share my thoughts with other people. I started writing on a few sheets of paper and now I host a web blog at I spend many hours on my blog to check who else entered the site, to view my comments or just to write. My other hobby, video editing also takes a great deal of my time because it’s a complicated, but very fun thing to do.
Creating and editing a movie, even a few seconds long, implies that you have a strong imagination, lots of ambition, and many hours to spend in front of the computer. I have all this and I try hard to make new and exciting movies. First of all imagination is a key element because the main idea of the movie has to be interesting for the viewers. Second of all ambition helps me to get a movie done even though I tend to quit because it’s to hard sometimes. Also without ambition there won’t be any competition, you have to prove what you know and for this you have to be ambitious. Time is as important as imagination and ambition, and when I lose some time doing something else I always recover the next day or at night. As long as I shall have this three elements I will continue to create and edit movies. I created my first movie about 3 years ago, it was a short-film, and I used the camera I had borrowed from a friend to create it. It’s a very demanding work that requires a lot of attention and knowledge, and I use the latest video-editing software available: Adobe After Effects CS3, Adobe Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, U-lead Studio, Pinacle Studio, Toon Boom, 3D Max and others.
To conclude, I enjoy writing and creating movies, because these two hobbies are important as life itself to me. I will never be able to explain in words or on paper what these passions mean to me, because I’m the only one who understands how rewarding it is to see that other people share your ideas on a website, or that they enjoy watching your movies. I close by adding that: writing is like a incurable disease, a disease that doesn’t need to be cured, and a movie is first of all a piece of art.

9 Mai 2008, Tzontonel.

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  1. marya permalink
    Vineri, 26 Noiembrie, 2010 10:08

    daca vrei cu adevarat sa devii , atunci nimic nu trebuie sa te opreasca 🙂

  2. cr3atza permalink
    Duminică, 25 Octombrie, 2009 01:46

    Frumos:) Si mie imi place sa-mi exprim sentimentele prin scris.

    • Duminică, 15 Noiembrie, 2009 14:19

      Ma bucur pentru tine.

  3. Vineri, 26 Iunie, 2009 09:44

    :)), sa zicem …

  4. maryg permalink
    Luni, 8 Iunie, 2009 12:05

    very gutsy …but, no offence, try to improve your English a bit….

  5. mirona permalink
    Luni, 20 Octombrie, 2008 18:57

    daca ai incredere in tine o sa devii.

  6. Duminică, 11 Mai, 2008 19:30

    POATE >:P

  7. Duminică, 11 Mai, 2008 18:48

    sau poate – nu 😦

  8. Duminică, 11 Mai, 2008 18:47

    o sa fii 🙂 , candva

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